Getting Started with ActivInspire

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Kurt Thonnings has made some how-to videos for Inspire Software and Promethean Boards. Check them out here: Inspire Instructional Videos

Kim Geletka has organized an index of resources for Inspire. Check it out here: ActiveInspire Index by Kim Geletka

QZAB Teachers is another wiki that has tips for Promethean Users

Part 1 of Basics of ActivInspire by Ashley Leukhardt and Heather Hamker. This is the first part of the book which describes the settings, menus and browsers. Great for beginning Promethean Board users.

Part 2 of Basics of ActivInspire by Ashley Leukhardt and Heather Hamker. This is section covers
actions and inserting media, sound and
weblinks in flipcharts. Great tools for creating flipcharts.

Kim Geletka's Flipchart Tour of Cool Things you can do with ActivInspire.
Check it out to see what's available.
Then use the tips on the Creation Page of this wiki or
ask Deb to show you how it's done!

Migrating your worksheets and handouts to Flipcharts:

How to leave Flipcharts for substitutes on the new substitute drive (4/14/2010)

Indexing your Resourses

Learn how to use your Inspire tools with other applications
and webpages:

Learn how to download lessons and resource packs from

Adding Commands to your Main Toolbox
Adding Frequently Used Objects from the Resource Library to your Main Toolbox
Find, Download and Install Resource Packs from Promethean Planet

If your Pen doesn't work:
1. Be sure the board is plugged into the wall.
2.Try disconnecting the USB cord or the Promethean:a clear USB plug, usually at the back of the computer.Wait a few seconds, then reconnect (plug it back in);you may have to do this more than once.
3. Configure your board
4. Restart your computer

Printable instructions:

Opening and Converting ActivStudio Created Flipcharts in ActivInspire

Keep your boards clean! Wipe them periodically with a soft, cloth moistened with warm water and dry thoroughly to avoid streaking. An old diaper works well. Do not use paper towels, baby wipes or cleansers

ActivBoard Maintenance Tips Printable Instructions:

To Choose your default tool in Inspire:

1. In the menu bar, choose EDIT→Profiles

2.Click the SETTINGS tab and choose TOOLS from the list on the left

3. In the DEFAULT TOOL window, using the drop down menu,choose the tool you want to have when Inspire opens.

4. Remember to click DONE when you finish
To Hide or Show Trashcan:

1. In the menu bar, choose VIEW

2. Check or uncheck the box next to FLIPCHART TRASHCAN

This can also be done through the EDIT menu


2.Click the LAYOUT tab

3. Check or uncheck the box by SHOW FLIPCHART TRASHCAN

4. Remember to click DONE when you finish
Inspire Templates

Go to “Resource Browser”.

Under “Resource Browser” go to “Activities and Templates” to find many resources.

Examples: Under “Activities” is a great 100’s grid.

Under “Math Activities “are coordinate grids.

Under “Alphabet Activities” are magnetic letters.

Under the “Free Entry” are all kinds of graphic organizers