Tips for FlipChart Creation

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Basics of ActivInspire Handbook
by Ashley Leukhardt and Heather Hamker
This is the entire book which includes
beginner tips and Action instructions

Part 2 of Basics of ActivInspire
by Ashley Leukhardt and Heather Hamker
This covers Actions and inserting media, sound
and weblinks in flipcharts.
Great tools for creating flipcharts. (Part 1 is
available on the First Steps page of this wiki)

Be sure to visit Promethean Planet for flipcharts and
Resource Packs.Of Special Note, Containers Made Easy
and Containers Made Easy 2. These contain flipcharts with
instructions (and videos) and all the tools and templates to create the
contain described in them. Both of these have been loaded to the I drive in
the Resource Pack folder. To get there:
1. Open Inspire
2. Click on Shared Resources
3. Click on Resource Packs and scroll to the Containers Made Easy folders.
Thanks to Maureen McBride for this great find!!!
Containers Step-by-Step flipchart

Chelsea McDonald's video: Making Containers

ActivTips Videos
Create Containers in Flipcharts

Scroll to the bottom of the page
to view a video on making containers using
the specific object command
Inserting a Web Link Step-by-Step flipchart

Group and Pulley Step-byStep flipchart

Hide and Show Step-by-Step flipchart

Link a DE streaming video to a flipchart

Insert Sounds Step-by-Step flipchart

Layering Objects Step-by-Step flipchart

Find, Download and Install Resource
Packs from Promethean Planet

Magic Ink Step-by-Step flipchart

Tooltip Step-by-Step flipchart

Opening and Converting ActivStudio
Created Flipcharts in ActivInspire

Using Restrictors Along a Path
Step-by-Step flipchart

Using Color Step-by-Step flipchart

Make Flipchart Background from an existing image
(instructions from PrometheanPlanet)