Teaching students and parents about safety online and a balance of screen time with other activities can be referenced in authentic situations. Take a look at the resources on this page for some ideas and please, share your own in the comment section.

PlanetNutshellLogo.jpgPlanet Nutshell NetSafe videos to teach children about Internet Safety
ThinkUKnow.jpg ThinkUKnow age appropriate lessons to educate students about Internet Safety.

Five Good Resources for Teaching Digital Safety and Citizenship to Elementary School Students from Richard Byrne (freetech4teachers.com)

Common Sense Media Educators' page has lessons, home-school connection ideas and posters to teach and promote digital citizenship and Internet safety. One example appears to the right.

Safe chat room experience
All About Birds,http://cams.allaboutbirds.org/, run by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, has live webcams of nesting birds in their habitats to support science lessons on habitats, life cycles and animal adaptations. These live feeds include safe, monitored chat rooms. These chat rooms have rules that must be followed. Consult your district's acceptable use policy before using any social media with students. Read all of the safety information on the site before deciding how to use it. Consult your technology integration specialist for more information.